Sport Clubs

The Sport Clubs Program provides students the opportunity to compete against other collegiate sport clubs at the state, regional, and national level. The Sport Clubs Program is overseen by the Department of Recreational Sports, which provides resources and support to each club.

Sport Clubs are responsible for their own finances and expenses, which include the costs of travel, entry fees, and equipment. To help subsidize these costs, clubs may charge dues and participate in fundraising activities. Clubs may also request financial support from the Recreational Sports Department to help cover expenses.

Each Sport Club is responsible for writing and implementing a working constitution, recruiting new members, organizing practices and competitions, establishing dues, and publicizing and promoting the club. The emphasis is on student leadership, and successful clubs depend on outstanding student leaders. Club leaders should have the initiative and drive to handle club administrative duties and motivate team members to stay involved and active in the Club.

The Recreational Sports Department provides guidance and support to club leaders and team members and encourages every student with an interest in sports and competition to consider joining or starting a Sport Club.

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