Welcome to Cardinal Nation!


We are excited that you have chosen to start your journey at Lamar University. As you enter a new academic environment, you may experience feelings ranging from apprehension to excitement, and New Student Orientation is here to help you succeed in your transition.  

Lamar University’s New Student Orientation program is a wonderful opportunity to have your questions answered and start navigating the logistics associated with starting college or transferring from one school to another. It is also an opportunity to make friends, start building community, and have FUN!

The New Student Orientation hosts organized, purposeful, and an interactive introduction to departments, resources, and the many diverse ways you can be involved on campus, which will allow you to customize your own unique college experience.

We will also provide sessions for all new Cardinals and their families. These sessions help you to become familiar with services and programs vital to your successful transition as full and active members of the Lamar community. Partnering collaboratively with other university offices and departments, these sessions will help you to gain the skills, information and meaningful relationships important to successful long-term academic and personal outcomes.

Lamar University offers orientation for all incoming freshman students as well as transfer students.
Freshman students are required to attend an Orientation session in order to receive their confirmed Fall 2016 class schedule, which will be confirmed at the end of Orientation. 

To find out more information about Orientation and the dates please visit the freshman or transfer pages. 


See you soon and Go Big Red!